Leadership Challenge Cards


 Leadership Challege Cards (RC-C7060)
  • Add leadership development to your curriculum with little preparation and few materials - great for occasional use or for time at the end of units/lessons.
  • Easy to use! - Cards suggest what the facilitator should say, so no guessing about how to lead the activities
  • Make an immediate connection with students and increase engagement
  • Leadership comes to life - built on philosophy of learning by doing
 The Leadership Challenge Cards encourage growth in students in a way that many may never have experienced before. Students will be on their feet, interacting with others, focused independently at their desk, reflecting on past experiences, visioning for the future and getting their family and community involved as they complete this collection of growth activities. 
Students may step outside of their comfort zone to experience skill development around relationships, communication, morals and values, respect, having an attitude of service, ethics, teamwork, and so much more! Each of the 15-minute activity cards is designed for students to immediately implement the skill or piece of knowledge discovered throughout the activity. The project challenges are conducted over a week or more and students plan, design, implement and evaluate the project they create. 
Many of the cards can be lead by either the teacher or by students and all of the cards will provide thought provoking, self discovery experiences.
  • Thirty cards for 15-minute activities - Complete with context, directions, post challenge discussion questions and a wrap up
  • Ten cards for project challenges - Complete with context, directions, tasks for students to complete the challenge, checkpoints, and evaluations/follow-up
 All cards printed on heavy, coated paper for long-lasting use. Cards packaged in a containers that easily stand on desk.

These are perfect for my leadership class with the student council. Easy to use and great to have students lead activities.

student council advisor

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