Success Cards-teacher pack



Success Cards-Teacher Pack (RC-C7050)

Providing feedback - especially positive feedback - is critical to promote growth in students. These small cards provide a great opportunity for you to quickly recognize growth or an outstanding demonstration of positive skills. The cards are colorful and well designed so students will take notice and realize the value you place on the feedback. The cards allow you to check the box of the positive skill you noticed and to add a breif message to the student. Easy for you but very meaningful to the recipient.

There are 10 different card designs in this set. The cards focus on 10 skills related to leadership and 21st century skills (leadership, teamwork, creativity, global awareness, critical thinking, responsibility, discipline, communications, ethics and coachability). The teacher pack includes 15 copies of each card design for a total of 150 cards.

Download a free sample of the cards

My students light up when they get a Success Card. I love how simple and easy it is to recogonize growth in my students.

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